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Commo Dig

A long time ago now, there used to be a mailing list for the Stella Atari 2600 emulator. It was called the Stella Mailing List. Many important discussions of programming techniques and analyses of the Atari video game console were conducted on this mailing list. There used to be a website that documented all the most important discussions and events that occurred on the Stella Mailing List, and it was called The Dig. The Dig no longer exists on the internet. There is no cached backup of the website on any web archival website, and to my knowledge no-one has ever saved any of the information that used to be contained on that website.

There currently exists an incomplete version of The Dig called the MiniDig. You can find it here.

The purpose of this page on my blog is to attempt to construct a new Dig. Because I am a Communist, I decided to call this new Dig the Commo Dig. I have no idea what The Dig used to look like or how it was organised, so I have decided to use my own organisational method. If you have any suggestions for how I could improve The Commo Dig, please email me at vidak at riseup dot net. Thank you.

The text of this dig is released under the GNU GPL Version 3. It is NOT released under normal copyright. You may copy the text of this dig and host it again where-ever you like. This is the original Commo Dig, though, and it is released under the licencing I have chosen. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s someone else’s intellectual property. You may use the Commo Dig under all the rights and duties listed under its original GNU GPL v3 licencing.


Thursday, 17 October

Jim Nitchals: What the DS instruction is.

Monday, 21 October

Jim Nitchals: How Communist Mutants Generated Random Numbers.

Saturday, 26 October

Matt: Matt’s Top 48 2600 Games.


Monday, 2 December

Eckhard Stolberg: You must turn off the frame during Overscan.


Wednesday, 5 February

Piero Cavina: Mondo Pong Game Preview.

Monday, 24 February

Greg Troutman: Pointers about COLUPF.

Thursday, 27 February

Eckhard Stolberg: uuencoded Tetris clone.

MARCH 1997

Monday, 3 March

Nick Bensema: [TUTORIAL] How to Draw a Playfield.

Jim Nitchals: Commentary on Combat’s Programming.

Jim Nitchals: The 2600’s Controllers Can Send as Well as Receive Data.

Tuesday, 4 March

Nick Bensema: Comments on How Games Avoid Flickering.

Wednesday, 5 March

Bob Colbert: 7 Bouncing Copies of player0.

Edward Federmeyer: Frustrations About Making New Carts.

Reply: Glen Saunders.

Thursday, 6 March

Piero Cavina: Comments on 2600 Sprite Copy Function.

Nick Bensema: Discussion About Coarse and Fine X Movement.

Piero Cavina: Attempt at Collisions Between Hardware Copied Sprites.

Friday, 7 March

Crackers: 20 Pixel Versus 40 Pixel Playfields.

Crackers: Cartridges versus ROMs.

Dan Boris: Still Working Link to Atari Technical Info.

Saturday, 8 March

Bob Colbert: Updating Playfield Registers on Alternating Frames for High-Res.

Eckhard Stolberg: NTSC to PAL porting guide.

Reply Glenn Saunders.

Cracker’s Easy Playfield Code.

Reply Nick Bensema.

Glenn Saunders: Pointers on How TIA Controls Saturation of Colours and Not Luminance.

Sunday, 9 March

Russ Perry Jr: Some Useful Correspondence from Carol Shaw on River Raid Down the Bottom.

Monday, 10 March

Eckhard Stolberg: Why the 2600 Produces Different Colours on PAL and NTSC Systems.

Eckhard Stolberg: Information on TIA Sound.

Tuesday, 11 March

Eckhard Stolberg: Speculation on Why There Are Short Black Lines.

Bob Colbert: High Resolution Scores.

Greg Troutman: More on High Resolution Scores.

Bob Colbert: Etch-a-Sketch for 2600.

Erik Mooney: How to Draw a Playfield II.

Wednesday, 12 March

Piero Cavina: Counting Time Instead of Lines.

Reply Nick Bensema.

Thursday, 13 March

Piero Cavina: 21 Objects for the Price of One.

Glenn Saunders: Sound Utility for 2600.

Saturday, 15 March

Eckhard Stolberg: Answering Question about Supercharger Bankswitching and RAM Access.

Erik Mooney: Confused about Displaying High Res Scores.

Tuesday, 18 March

Marc “King Kong”: Short Black Lines, and HERO etc Skipping First Two Bits of PF0

See entire thread, but Erik Mooney’s reply is really good.

Saturday, 22 March

Erik Mooney: Answering Questions about 2600 RPG Rumour

Monday, 24 March

Read the Whole Erik Mooney Thread on Random Number Generation.

Another Erik Mooney Thread on RNG.

Thursday, 27 March

Piero Cavina: 11 Horziontally Moving Sprites.

Friday, 28 March

Piero Cavina: Request for Advice About Economising Code.

Reply Nick Bensema.

APRIL 1997

Wednesday, 2 April

Glenn Saunders: PRECISE 2600 Sound Chart.

Thursday, 3 April

Piero Cavina: Latest Multi-Sprite Demo (debugged and updated).

Friday, 4 April

Erik Mooney thread on indirect addressing data in memory. Read whole thread.

Songbird Thread on Intellectual Property of 2600 games.

Sunday, 6 April

Greg Troutman’s Z26 text adventure.

Wednesday, 9 April

Jim Nitchals: Uses for the PHP instruction.

Thursday, 10 April

Alpha version of Erik Mooney’s Space Invader Clone.

The thread talks about the “Drawscreen” Kernel.

Second Alpha on 12 April.

First beta on 24 April.

Major update to Piero Cavina’s demo. Includes Background Grid of Tiles.

Explanation on 14 April about how he stored the tiles in memory.

He releases it as a game on 17 April.

Friday, 11 April

Pointless thread, but an interesting dicussion: Songbird on linking consoles.

Jim Nitchals: Answering Chris Pepin’s Question About Hexadecimal Graphical Data.

Saturday, 12 April

Erik Mooney: Player Graphics Display 1 Pixel Further Right Than Missiles and Balls.

Greg Troutman: Dark Mage.

Erik Mooney: Speculation About 2600 Being Able to Address 8K ROM.

Glenn Saunders: Making Space Invaders “March” Across the Screen

Tuesday, 15 April

Erik Mooney: The 48 Pixel High-Res Routine Explained.

Thursday, 17 April

Glenn Saunders: The Source Code to Freeway.

Friday, 18 April

Bob Colbert: Confirms you can run code in 2600 RAM.

Sunday, 20 April

Nick Bensema: “Suckyzep” demo.

MAY 1997

Saturday, 10 May

Eckhard Stolberg: How Cosmic Ark Does its Twinkling Stars.

JULY 1997

Wednesday, 9 July

Piero Cavina: Multi-Sprite Game Version 2.0.

Version 2.1 released on 16 July.

Version 2.2 released 25 July.

Tuesday, 22 July

Eckhard Stolberg: Explaining the BIT and AND instruction.

Thursday, 24 July

Nick Bensema: Attract mode and colour cycling is in software.

Follow up reply from Nick.

Friday, 25 July

Greg Troutman: Rescue Demo.

Wednesday, 30 July

Erik Mooney: RPG Engine.


Saturday, 2 August

Erik Mooney: Interesting thread on using the 2600 to trigger Teletext.

Tuesday, 5 August

Eckhard Stolberg: Cubis beta 2.

Friday, 8 August

Soren Gust: 2600 Minesweeper Version 0.9

Saturday, 9 August

Greg Troutman: New Version of Rescue Demo.

Sunday, 10 August

Piero Cavina: Multi-Sprite Game Version 2.3.

Version 2.4 released 19 August.

Version 2.5 released on 30 August, now named Oystron.

Monday, 11 August

Dan Boris: 6532 RIOT Chip Specifications.

Dan Boris: Howard Warshaw’s Method for Re-Seeding Random Number Generators.

Wednesday, 13 August

Dan Boris: Broken Link to Archive of US Patents.

Describes how to display multiple copies of sprites on a 2600.

References from Piero Cavina.

Thursday, 14 August

Ben Combee: Idea for 2600 Adaptation of Minecart Sequence from Super Mario RPG.

Piero Cavina: Explanation of Access Code Between Multi-Cart RPGs.

Piero Cavina: Interlacing Technique for Making “Grayish” Versions of Colours.

Friday, 15 August

Erik Mooney: Updated Version of RPG Kernel. Read the whole thread.

Bug fix.

Saturday, 16 August

Piero Cavina: Using JMP (indirect) to economise CMP/BNE/JMP.

Saturday, 23 August

Erik Mooney: Answering Piero’s Question About How Galaxian Used 7 Aliens Per Row.


Wednesday, 3 September

Glenn Saunders: Preliminary Suggestions About Using Horizontal Movement Routines From Older Games.

Erik Mooney: More Detailed Comments on Horizontal Positioning.

Thursday, 4 September

Piero Cavina: Advice to Erik Mooney to Write A Sprite-Alone Game First.

Robin Harbron’s Thread on the Addressing Space of the 2600’s 6507. Read the Whole Thread.

Saturday, 6 September

Piero Cavina: Oystron 2.6.

2.7 released on 14 September.

2.8 released 21 September.

2.8.2 released 28 September.

Sunday, 7 September

Glenn Saunders: Comments on Missile Bitdepth.

Saturday, 13 September

Piero Cavina: A thread about the ethics of intellectual property for homebrews.

Monday, 15 September

Bob Colbert: Latest Version of His Multi-Sprite Demo.

Jim Nitchals: Advice to Richard Kennehan About Legality of Disassembly.

More from Greg Miller.

Tuesday, 16 September

Greg Troutman: It is Possible to Extend the Display into Overscan.

More from Erik Mooney.

Crackers’s Colour Cycling Programme.

Wednesday, 17 September

Crackers Having an Epiphany About Why the PFX Bits are Arranged the Way They Are.

Sunday, 21 September

Nick Bensema: Weird Idea to Make a “Kill Kenny” 2600 Game.

Friday, 26 September

Crackers: Virtual Pet Demo 1.

Demo 2 released 30 September.


Friday, 3 October

Jim Nitchals: Short BCD Time Routine.

Saturday, 4 October

Crackers: 2600 Digital Clock.

Sunday, 5 October

Piero Cavina: Oystron 2.8.5.

Crackers: Source Code for Digital Clock.

Thursday, 9 October

David Schweinsberg: Platform Game “Droid” Demo.

Eckhard Stolberg’s Comments on David’s Demo’s VSYNC.

Tuesday, 21 October

Eckhard Stolberg: How to Use RAM on a Cartridge.

Bob Colbert: Source Code to Multi-Sprite Game.


Sunday, 2 November

Piero Cavina: Oystron 2.9.

Friday, 14 November

Piero Cavina: Interesting Comments on IEEE Spectrum Article on the 2600.

Glenn Saunders: Read the Whole Thread to See Stella Members Introducing Themselves.

Saturday, 15 November

Eckhard Stolberg: “Domino”, an Ishido clone.

Thursday, 20 November

Bob Colbert: Claims Stell-A-Sketch Uses a “Nifty” Routine to Move a Chunk of Memory.


Wednesday, 3 December

Erik Mooney: Describes How Missile Command Drew Curved Lines.

Thursday, 4 December

Bob Colbert: Multi-Sprite Game Update Version.

Collision Detection Version Released 8 December.

Saturday, 6 December

Ruffin Bailey: Thread on Software and Hardware Collision Detection.

Thursday, 25 December

Piero Cavina: Hypnotic Christmas Demo Program.

Wednesday, 31 December

Ruffin Bailey: Read Whole Thread About Pointers About Combat.


Thursday, 1 January

Piero Cavina: How Combat Positions Players and Missiles.

Friday, 2 January

Ruffin Bailey: Read Whole Thread Discussing Interesting Innovations of Various Games.

Saturday, 3 January

Piero Cavina: Interesting Thread on the TIA.

Correction post on 5 January by Glenn Saunders about the number of gates in the TIA.

Sunday, 4 January

Piero Cavina Hacks Together Erik Mooney’s “INV” (Invaders Clone) Game.

Thursday, 8 January

Erik Mooney: Interesting Answers to Questions About Arcade Space Invaders.

Friday, 9 January

Glenn Saunders: Big Essay on Piracy and the Stella CD.

David Schweinsberg: DROID Version 2 released.

Saturday, 10 January

Glenn Saunders: Request for Source Code Transcription.

Sunday, 11 January

Piero Cavina: INV Version 2.1 Released.

Monday, 12 January

Crackers (Ahhh! Chris Cracknell!): Explaining (now old) Law About Copyright and Piracy.

Wednesday, 14 January

Bob Colbert: Latest Version of Multi-Sprite Game.

Tuesday, 27 January

Piero Cavina: New Version of Mondo Pong.

MARCH 1998

Wednesday, 18 March

Eckhard Stolberg: Explains a Horizontal Movement Routine.

Erik Mooney: But the sprites can’t overlap.

Jim Nitchals: A Way to Implement Single Cycle Resolution W/O Carry Flag.

Sunday, 29 March

Eckhard Stolberg: Movable 48 Pixel Sprite Demo.

Erik Mooney: Does This Mean We Could Make Mortal Kombat?

APRIL 1998

Wednesday, 1 April

Big Thread Discussing the Creation of 2600 Mortal Kombat.

First Annual Stella Programming Contest Winner is Piero Cavina.

Monday, 6 April

Eckhard Stolberg: The Processor Does Not Turn Off During VSYNC.

Wednesday, 8 April

More Discussion on 2600 Mortal Kombat.

Thursday, 9 April

Kurt Woloch: HMOVE Blanks are 8 Pixels.

Bob Colbert: Latest Version of the Multi-Sprite Game.

Wednesday, 15 April

Crackers: Non-HMOVE Sprite Experiment. See earlier post “Aaargh” for Early Source. Thread for Bugfix.

Next Version Released 18 April.

Thursday, 16 April

Crackers: Hiragana Font for 2600.

Chris Wilkson: Misunderstood Instructions: Code that Works on Real Hardware, But Only Sometimes.

Thursday, 23 April

Bradford Mott: He-Man’s Title Screen and Early Stella Emulation.

MAY 1998

Tuesday, 5 May

Thread Started By Andrew Davie on Non-Repeated Playfield By Chasing the Beam.

Thread By Andrew Davie on Self-Modifying Code.

Wednesday, 6 May

Amos Bannister: Z26 Running C64 Binaries.

Saturday, 9 May

Andrew Davie: Optimisation Tips for Delay Loops.

Sunday, 10 May

Andrew Davie: 4 Colour Playfield Demo “PUSH” Version 1.

Final R&D Demo 15 May.

Playable Demo 17 May.

Wednesday, 13 May

Andrew Davie: Optimisation Tips for Multiplying.

Friday, 15 May

Erik Mooney: Thread About Positioning Two Objects on a Single Scanline.

Saturday, 16 May

Andrew Davie: Optimisation Tips on Sneaky Fractional Bit Representation.

Friday, 22 May

Chrissalo: A First Demo of a Game.

Friday, 29 May

Andrew Davie: Optimisation Tips on Subroutine Jumps.

Erik Mooney: Request for Help on Processing Special Cases of Collisions.

JUNE 1998

Monday, 1 June

Nick Bensema: Optimisation Tips for Compacting Graphics Data.

Thursday, 4 June

Andrew Davie: Why You Would Encode Using Sub-Bit Resolution.

Tuesday, 9 June

Jim Nitchals Obituary.

Wednesday, 17 June

Kurt Woloch: New Version of Sinking Ship Demo.

Version 1.501.

Version 1.502 on 18 June.

Songbird: Picture of the Vaporware Game Cybermorph 2600.

Monday, 29 June

Ruffin Bailey: Questions about BMI and BPL. Maybe Read Whole Thread.

JULY 1998

Friday, 31 July

Eckhard Stolberg: Mortal Kombat 2600 Version 1 (?).


Thursday, 13 August

Piero Cavina: Four Non-Flickering Single-Scanline Resolution Sprites.

Version 1.2, 14 August.

Version 1.4, 20 August.

Version 1.5, 21 August.

Tuesday, 25 August

Piero Cavina: Barber’s Pole Demo.

Thursday, 27 August

John Saeger: 18 Sprite Modification of Eckhard Stolberg’s Trick.ASM.

Monday, 31 August

Eckhard Stolberg: Use of the 18 Sprite Mod to Display 18 Extra Lives.


Friday, 11 September

Crackers: Finished Clock Cart?

Bug fix on 14 September.

Correct upload of the BIN on 14 Sept.


Monday, 5 October

Glenn Saunders: The Black Bars on the Side of the Screen.

Tuesday, 27 October

Eckhard Stolberg: Grid Demo.


Tuesday, 10 November

Eckhard Stolberg: New Version of Mortal Kombat 2600.


Saturday, 2 January

Andrew Davie: Reducing Line Art Animation to 48×48 pixels.

Sunday, 3 January

John Harvey: How JSRs Work Using the Atari 2600 Memory.

Sunday, 10 January

John Harvey: Pressure Guage Game.

Tuesday, 12 January

Erik Mooney: These are the 6507 CPU’s Startup Vectors.

Thursday, 14 January

David Schweinsberg: Binary and Source Code for DROID.

Tuesday, 19 January

Andrew Davie: Details About How the 6507 CPU Program Counter Works.


Sunday, 7 February

Schwerin: Rough Notes on Scrolling Maze Engine.

Wednesday, 10 February

Schwerin: Thread on Developer Wishlist.

Schwerin: Thread on One Bit Sound.

MARCH 1999

Monday, 1 March

Tennessee Carmel-Veilleux: Build Your Own 2600.

Friday, 19 March

Russ Perry Jr: Thread on Colour and Drawing Limitations.

APRIL 1999

Friday, 2 April

Chris Wilkson: Thread on Using Your Own Waveforms With 2600.

Monday, 19 April

Bob Colbert: Source Code to Solaris. NO FILE.

MAY 1999

Tuesday, 25 May

“Gentlben”: Thread on Some Interesting Questions about the 2600.

Sunday, 30 May

Eckhard Stolberg: Answering Gentlben’s Questions About Horizontal Positioning.

JUNE 1999

Saturday, 19 June

David Schweinsberg: Basic Playfield for RPG.

Sunday, 27 June

Chris Wilkson: Comment on Injection Molding for New Cartridges.

JULY 1999

Thursday, 1 July

Eckhard Stolberg: Version of a Scrolling Text Demo.

Saturday, 3 July

David Schweinsberg: RPG Development New Version.

Thursday, 8 July

Erik Mooney: Quick and Dirty Code(TM) to Send Square Wave Out Joystick.


Friday, 6 August

John K. Harvey: Thread on Colour Cycling Routine.

Pete Holland: Thread Clarifying Some Issues With Basic Assembly.

Saturday, 21 August

Thomas Jentzsch: Thread on WSYNC and RESPx Questions.


Wednesday, 1 September

Mark De Smet: 62 Byte Scrolling Rainbow Demo.

Monday, 6 September

Ruffin Bailey: Question About Getting Indirect Y Addressing Working.

Tuesday, 14 September

Pete Holland: Question About ROR and ROL.

Friday, 17 September

Gene Johannsen: Demo For a Game Based on Grids.

Russell Babylon: 2600 Voice Synthesis.


2 November

Thomas Jentzsch: First Version of Thrust Released!


Wednesday, 22 December

Rob: Ho Ho Ho #2: Horizontal Scrolling Playfield.

Another Version?


Monday, 10 January

Kurt Woloch: Games That Did Horizontal Scrolling.

Tuesday, 18 January

John K. Harvey: Pressure Gauge 2: Multiplayer.

MARCH 2000

Sunday, 19 March

Scott Huggins: Demo From a New Programmer.

MAY 2000

Monday, 1 May

Phillipp Graf: Colour Bars Demo.

Thursday, 4 May

John K. Harvey: Thread About Collision Detection.

Tuesday, 30 May

Eckhard Stolberg: Answering Question About Scanline Numbers.

JUNE 2000

Monday, 12 June

Thomas Jentzsch: Thrust v0.9.

Tuesday, 20 June

Mark De Smet: Answering Technical Questions about the 2600 and TIA.

Erik Mooney: Speculating that Unused Data Bits in TIA Cannot Be Used Like RAM.

Glenn Saunders: Thread Asking Question About 2600 RAM Usage.

Glenn Saunders: Question About 36 Cycles Available During Horiztonal Scanline.

Glenn Saunders: Thread Asking Question About Single Line Resolution Player Graphics.

Wednesday, 21 June

Glenn Saunders: Thread Asking Question About 2600 Memory Mapping.

Friday, 23 June

Kurt Woloch: Thread About Interlacing and Single Line Resolution.

JULY 2000

Wednesday, 19 July

Thomas Jentzsch: Thrust Version 1.0 (What He Describes as the “Final Beta”).

Saturday, 22 July

Eckhard Stolberg: Answering A Question About How the Booster Grip Adaptor Works.

Tuesday, 25 July

Glenn Saunders: Polynomial Counter Flash File.

Saturday, 29 July

Thomas Jentzsch: WSYNC Taking 5 Instead of 3 Clock Cycles.


Wednesday 2 August

Eckhard Stolberg: Answering a Question about Writing to Horizontal Movement Registers 24 Cycles After HMOVE Strobe.

Thursday, 3 August

Thomas Jentzsch: Illegal Opcodes in Thrust.

Tuesday, 8 August

Glenn Saunders: Game Idea About Catching Fireworks Crossed With Warlords.


Sunday, 3 September

Thomas Jentzsch: Thrust Version 1.1.

Wednesday, 6 September

Glenn Saunders: Speculation About How H.E.R.O. Did its Life Bar.

Thursday, 14 September

Andrew Davie: Cheating a Little and not doing WSYNCs.

Saturday, 16 September

Thomas Jentzsch: More on Thrust’s Illegal Opcodes.

Eckhard Stolberg: How the Multi-Sprite RESP Trick Works.

Monday, 18 September

Thomas Jentzsch: The “Final, Final” Version of Thrust (Version 1.2).

Sunday, 24 September

Ruffin Bailey: Thread About Question About Player Movement in an Old Demo.


Sunday, 1 October

Mark De Smet: Preliminary Post About His SFCaves 2600 Game.

Saturday, 7 October

Thomas Jentzsch: Borland Pascal Program to Discriminate Between Clones and Real Games.

Friday, 20 October

Pete Holland: Interesting Unanswered Question About Collision Detection.


Wednesday, 1 November

John K. Harvey: Some Sort of ZIP File? “Guidelines For Setting Timers”.


Thursday, 21 December

Manuel Polik: A “Holiday Surprise“.


Friday, 5 January

Manuel Polik: “Nasty” 6502 Tricks?

Tuesday, 9 January

Thomas Jentzsch: Tips for Disassembling Games.

Wednesday, 10 January

Manuel Polik: Alpha of a Demo.

Erik Mooney: There Are Two Different Versions of Asteroids.

Tuesday, 23 January

Dennis Debro: Thread Asking Question About < and > Symbols in Assembler.


What’s frustrating me is that everyone is referring to the development of Qb in this month, but I can’t find any posts where Andrew Davie actually releases the code.

Thursday, 1 February

Eckhard Stolberg: Answering Question About Address Naming (eg. VAR+2).

Andrew Davie: Quick Demo: Large Scale Animation of Background Graphics.

Friday, 2 February

Mark De Smet: Thrust Compatibilities.

Thursday, 8 February

Thomas Jentzsch: Missile vs. Player Copies.

Monday, 12 February

Andrew Davie: Hex to BCD Routine.

Kurt Woloch: How Single Line Kernels Like Atlantis Manage Horizontal Motion.

Tuesday, 13 February

Thomas Jentzsch: How to Create 6 Digit Scores With Background Colour Change.

Manuel Polik: Early Version of Gunfight 2600.

Wednesday, 14 February

Andrew Davie: Thread About Solutions to Use Up A Single Cycle.

Andrew Davie: Qb Version 0.02.

Manuel Polik: Gunfight 2600 at the Limits of Single Line Kernel.

Thursday, 15 February

Thomas Jentzsch: JAMMED Version 0.1.

Monday, 19 February

Thomas Jentzsch: JAMMED Version 0.2.

Thomas Jentzsch: Comments on Qb Version 0.05.

Manuel Polik: New Version of Gunfight.

Tuesday, 20 February

Manuel Polik: Another Version of Gunfight.

Wednesday, 21 February

Manuel Polik: Another Version of Gunfight.

Saturday, 24 February

Joe Grand: New Version of Game.

Piero Cavina: How Oystron Did a Horizontal Gauge.

Monday, 26 February

Manuel Polik: New Version of Gunfight.

Thomas Jentzsch: Final (?) Demo Version of JAMMED.

Tuesday, 27 February

Manuel Polik: New Version of Gunfight.

MARCH 2001

Thursday, 1 March

Andrew Davie: Qb Version 1.01 (“TITLE SCREEN”).

Saturday, 3 March

Joe Grand: Game SCSISIDE Version 0.03 Released.

Sunday, 4 March

Thomas Jentzsch: Thrust Kernel Part 1.

Monday, 5 March

Manuel Polik: New Gunfight 2600 Version.

Tuesday, 6 March

Thomas Jentzsch: Useful Illegal Opcodes (Part 2: NOP).

Ruffin Bailey: Questions About Some Source Code.

Wednesday, 7 March

Andrew Davie: Qb Version 2.03, Test Version.

Andrew Davie: Solutions for Having a Counter That Counts to 3, Then Repeats.

Thursday, 8 March

Andrew Davie: Big Thread About Video Game Ideas.

Friday, 9 March

Manuel Polik: Big Thread On Detecting Boundaries of an Address Being Decremented or Incremented (See Andrew Davie’s Big Response).