"Get back to work, you muppets."

The Automatic Operation of Ideology

My partner told me that people have already started to concoct conspiracy theories about the man who just killed some people with his car on Bourke St in Melbourne. Apparently this man is a terrorist in the employ of ISIS or Al Qaeda.

Isn’t it amazing how over a decade of hysteria and propaganda about Muslims and the Middle East has prepared people to do the bidding of the ruling class? Marx and Engels in theĀ German Ideology were absolutely right. The ruling ideas really are those of the ruling class. Huge layers of the population have been trained to believe in a perpetual crisis brought about by tricky and insidious evil people who come from a land far away.

The material conditions under which we live turn the current prevailing ideology into a sort of feedback loop. The mainstream media and the deep state got it all moving, but now people are able to use their creativity to invent new toxic narratives about how our way of life is under attack.

We have to do something about this.

Mark Fisher is Dead, Donald Trump is President

I would like to inaugurate this new phase in world history with a new phase in my presence online. I will no longer be making status updates on Facebook. I will also not be sharing memes on Facebook.

I suppose if I find some good memes online I will now share them here on this blog. I agree with one of my comrades that memes are a revolutionary medium of communication. I think the revolution will be memed, if not televised. To a certain extent I’m of two minds about the medium, however, because almost all bigotry online is conducted through memes, and the place where memes were born, 4chan, is a disgustingly degenerate place.

I’m Quitting Facebook

I’m gonna be scaling back my use of Facebook, and hopefully getting rid of my profile altogether.

I will be replacing my main online presence with a blog. The blog will hopefully end up being on a privately owned server. I don’t have enough money to pay for my own hosting yet, but blogs are easily exported and transferred.

Two things prompted me to make this decision. (1) A friend made a Facebook status on the virtues of centralised social media. I agree with the arguments he made. (2) The death of Mark Fisher made me realise how much harder I need to be working on getting the message of Marxism and Communism out there. Mark Fisher was one of the best bloggers to have ever lived. Blogging is a critical part of the revolutionary struggle, and Facebooking is not. See below for why Facebook is a poor shadow of a platform for organising.

1. I will be eventually leaving Facebook because I don’t think it’s a good medium for organising and sharing information. Just yesterday I saw two close comrades bickering over nothing at all. Literally nothing. They actually agreed with one another, but for some reason they felt the need to argue.

I see the same thing on many Facebook groups. Everyone talks past each other and refuses to actually engage with one another in any substantive way. Facebook has become a place where you go to stroke your ego, instead of doing any important work. I want to give up my petit-bourgeois mentality that I have a mere individual perspective on the world that other individuals need to listen to.

2. The reverse is true: there is an objectively existing world out there, that possesses objective meaning, that must be changed through ruthlessly objective means.

3. Facebook is not an echo chamber – I have made many new rock solid connections with people I now trust completely. But it is a toxic space in which people refuse to practice reason, and frequently turn to bullying. People are way too immature.

4. Another reason I want to get of Facebook is that there are way too many brocialist tankies on the platform. To them I say: get a fucking grip, and stop bullying people. The USSR’s economy was obviously the superior one to capitalism, but it was a brutal dictatorship which oppressed people, and was not really liberatory at all.

5. Facebook is not a good place to develop ideas fully. It’s a mere scratch pad for getting anecdotal evidence on ideas. I’d say 99% of political discussion on Facebook is just gossip. Gossip is useless. I have been forming convictions and positions on things by merely gossiping about things with people, and not actually developing rational analyses of the current objective conditions.

6. This platform refuses to let you focus on any one concept or idea at length. It’s difficult for anything to hold my attention. Facebook is like the shopping mall of political discussion and current affairs. It’s a whirling hurricane of flashy lights, mere opinions, gutless and cowardly irony, and posturing without any conviction. My phone bleats at me at least once every 5 minutes on a slow day. I miss bus stops because I become distracted. The first fucking thing I do in the morning is reach for my phone. My life has become interrupted and confusing, I am constantly looking at my phone. I want to be able to daydream again.

7. Too much of Facebook is home to toxic bigotry. Too many communist meme pages verbally abuse oppressed people. Almost every communist meme page is a fiefdom led by the person who created the meme page. As far as I know, almost no admins or moderators of meme pages are elected and accountable for the actions and decisions they make on meme pages and meme groups. I fucking sick to my stomach of avowed communists saying the same toxic filth a Trump bigot would say. We’re better than this.

8. I will also be unsubscribing from the PHILOS-L and APhil mailing lists on my email. I have seen maybe three conferences I have ever wanted to go to on those mailing lists.

9. I will be slowly locking down my Facebook until it becomes a useful organising tool for me. I will keep Facebook messenger, but I would prefer it if you SMS-ed me, or called me on the phone.