"Get back to work, you muppets."

Video Game Ideas

  1. The debates on Facebook with men who use millions of simulations in their minds as evidence for arguments.
  2. Extortionate landlords, and fighting back against extortionate landlords
  3. Fetch quests
    1. A Game about smuggling weapons
  4. Something about the Cuban Revolution.
    1. Landing the Granma
    2. Chavatos betraying the revolutionaries
    3. Che unifying the various groups of revolutionaries
  5. CIA plotting to overthrow the Arbenz government in Guatemala in 1954
  6. Marching after a demo/rally, and having to avoid the cops
  7. An adventure game about rallying the nation to have a revolution
    1. Different stages of the revolution are:
      1. Winning reforms
      2. Defeating a coup
      3. Expropriating the bosses

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