"Get back to work, you muppets."

Mark Fisher is Dead, Donald Trump is President

I would like to inaugurate this new phase in world history with a new phase in my presence online. I will no longer be making status updates on Facebook. I will also not be sharing memes on Facebook.

I suppose if I find some good memes online I will now share them here on this blog. I agree with one of my comrades that memes are a revolutionary medium of communication. I think the revolution will be memed, if not televised. To a certain extent I’m of two minds about the medium, however, because almost all bigotry online is conducted through memes, and the place where memes were born, 4chan, is a disgustingly degenerate place.


Aaron says:

Memes are a form of expression and communication. Blogs, videos, novels, and speeches can all be used for racist or reactionary means as well.

The important thing is how we use the tool of communication.

thebootlicker says:

I agree. I feel like sometimes I fetishise pieces of technology. I can imagine understanding the Luddites – smashing up the power looms because they are destroying the old system of crafts. It’s obviously much more Marxist to understand the material social conditions within which communication is conducted, right? That’s the real truth, not whether memes are inherently progressive or reactionary.

Aaron says:

There is an almost instinctive need to fetishise “old” technology that existed prior to planned obsolescense. I think this comes from the Marxist need for sustainability.

However, what we need to look at is how social media is one of the best tools available for mass organisation and communication.

I like how the CPA runs its facebook and group pages. Admins are democratically elected as “representatives”. Groups are set up as special-interest focus points. For example, we have a youth group, a group for states, and a group for specific events/functions. This is a great tool for organisation and communicating on a local, state, or even international level. Through facebook we maintain contact with our international partners in Bangladesh, Colombia, and Venezuela.

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